Without adequate oxygen and nutrients and the efficient removal of waste products, your cells cannot metabolize correctly, less energy is manufactured in the cells and the intracellular space becomes acidic leading to Rapid Aging and Disease. Enter Bemer.... BEMER (bio magnetic energy regulation) is one of the World's Most Researched Methods of Enhanced Blood Flow, Oxygen and Nutrient Delivery.

Dr Rainer Klopp, world renowned physician and head of the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, has researched this science for many years and has seen no other technology work as effectively as Bemer!

Dr Robert Chesney, Chief Cardiologist of Centinella Hospital, calls Bemer the closest thing to the fountain of youth for the heart!

The American Medical Association (AMA) admits that 85-90% of all illnesses and inabilities to recover from accidents and surgeries can be directly related to a compromised micro-vascular system. The AMA also states that 85% of our illnesses are due to stress. Not emotional stress but internal stress from our micro-vascular system trying to keep us alive with and ever decreasing flow of life giving blood.

BEMER Enhances: 

  • General Bloodflow
  • The Body's Nutrient, Oxygen Supply and Waste Disposal
  • Cardiac function
  • Physical Fitness, Endurance, Strength and Energy
  • Concentration, Mental Acuity, Stress Reduction and Relaxation
  • Sleep


  • Owns 5 International Patents
  • Has received numerous scientific awards
  • Is a Category 1 FDA Registered Medical Device
  • Is Featured in over 50 Medical Publications (PubMed)
  • Is used in more than 4,000 Medical Clinics, Hospitals & Universities around the world
  • Has entered into an agreement with NASA for the joint development of a spacesuit that improves microcirculation

A Healthy 18 year old's micro-vascular system pumps about 50 times every 10 minutes. As we age the micro-vascular pumps start to have significantly decreased efficacy which leads to aging and potential health problems. By age 60, a Healthy 60 year old's micro-vascular system only pumps about 1 time every 10 minutes. Bemer's patented signal stimulates those 74,000 miles of micro-vessels/capillaries in the micro-vascular system to pump like they did when you were a young adult!

The everyday toxins in our air, water, food, lotions and make-up, plus environmental factors such as wifi, cell phones, radio waves and microwaves, combined with a poorly functioning micro-vascular system are the contributing factors that lead to your discomfort, lack of sleep, and a host of other difficulties and medical conditions.

The Big Question: Does Bemer cure diseases and make you well again? No. Bemer stimulates your body on a micro-vascular level, and in turn your body heals itself.

When you lie on the Bemer for 8 minutes, your micro-vascular system will increase function of those micro-vessels by up to 30% while maintaining that elevated function for 12-16 hours, depending on the program selection.

Bemer is used by top athletes and performers across the globe. If you are an olympic athlete or weekend warrior, Bemer can stimulate your body to have increased performance and faster recovery and rejuvenation time.

Fees for Bemer Sessions at my office:

  • One Session $35
  • Package of 3 Sessions $100
  • Package of 10 Sessions $300 

I am an independent Bemer Distributor. Ask how you can purchase your own device so that you and your family may use Bemer at home regularly for enhanced health and well-being! Bemer is the ultimate anti-aging device. In truth, though, is there anything out there that can totally stop aging? Not that I know of, but for certain Bemer can slow down the aging process and allow you to have better health!

Ask about our Bemer Red Light Therapy for Healthier Skin.

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